Birth Mothers


Whether you are a birth mother, a student, an adoptive parent, or a professional, you will find articles, studies, opinions, and books on the subject of birth mothers of children with FAS and other Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD):


Birth Moms

by Teresa Kellerman


Birth Moms and FAS Q&A 
by Teresa Kellerman, based on studies by Dr. Sterling Clarren


Dr Sterling Clarren's Keynote Address

Yukon 2002 Prairie Northern Conference on FAS


Elizabeth Russell's Conference Speech

Australia Conference June 2007


A Mother's Perspective on Alcoholism

by Penny, adoptive mother of a teen with FAS


Can You Forgive the Other Mother?

By Nanette, an adoptive mother of a young woman with FAS


My Sonís Other Mother

By Sue Truax, adoptive mother to Eldon with FAS


Another Birth Motherís Words of Wisdom


ďWhy arenít you angry at the birth mom?Ē

One adoptive momís answer to another adoptive momís question


Tell Them That I Loved Them
An adoptive mother's response to a birth mother's request


An Adoptive Mother's Answer to Anger

by Claudia Barker


Help, Hope, Healing from the Inside Out
by Linda LaFever


The Blame Game

by Mary Horner


Tell Them That I Loved Them
An adoptive mother's response to a birth mother's request
by Tammy


Advice from a Birth Mother
by Mercedes Alejandro


Identification of Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Opportunity for Referral of their Mothers for Primary Prevention - Washington 1993-1997

MMWR Weekly, October 16, 1998 / 47(40);861-864

Parent-Child Assistance Program (P-CAP)/Birth to 3 Program
Streissguth's P-CAP has served over 630 women and their families.

Books by Birth Mothers:


Cheers! Here's to the Baby
by Linda Belle La Fever


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects: Strategies for Professionals
by Diane Malbin




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