Online Resources for Parents, Mentors, and Professionals

Who Provide Care and/or Services to

Teens or Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Compiled by Teresa Kellerman February 2006


A. First, order Bonnie Buxton's Book "Damaged Angels"


B. While you are waiting for your book to arrive, read the following articles:


By Teresa Kellerman:


Reasonable Plan for Adults with FASD   

Tri-Level Man

What Makes Teen Tick?

How to Talk to Your Child About FASD

ABCs of FASD (to read and discuss with your teen or adult child)

FASD and the Brain

Array of Abilities

FASD and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

To Parent or Not to Parent?

Lofty Dreams

John's Success as an Adult

The Price of Success

Competency and Capacity

A Tragic Story

Crossing the Bridge to the Future

Staying Alive With the FASD Survival Plan

Three Crucial Steps to Assisting the Teen or Adult with FASD

FASD and Responsibility

To Drink or Not to Drink

FASD and Substance Abuse Programs

External Brain

Security Alert

Twelve Points of Acceptance

Broken Beaks and Wobbly Wings

What Works Best for Employment Programs

FASD in the Court System

Fact Sheet for Law Enforcement


Photos and Stories:



Boy in a Man's Body

By Other Parents Having Experience


Bonnie Buxtons's Rogue Sunflowers

Jan Lutke Strategies


Money Management for Adults with FASD

I Am Tired by Vicki Pay

Jenny's Story

A Letter from Aaron's Father

How to Fight With Your FASer by Eva

Tips for Adults with FASD by Eva

A Mother Speaks Out

When Did You Get the Tragedy of FASD?



By Adults with FASD:


Steve Neafcy's FAS Flight

Zak: Living With FASD

Jonathan: Living With FASD:

Ramona's Speech for FASDay:

Sarah's Space

How We Cope: Married Life With FASD


From the Experts:


LaDue on FASD in the Criminal Justice System

Neurobehavior in Adolescents and Adults with FASD

Ann Streissguth's Letter to Teens

David Boulding "Mistakes I Have Made"




Secondary Disabilities (Streissguth Study Report)

Arrested Social Development

FASD and Abnormal Sexual Behavior

FAS and the Brain


C. Join a support group mail list:


Olderfas is for adults and mentors only who care for adults and older teens (age 16+) with FASD


OlderAdoptFASD is for adoptive parents of younger teens (12-18) with FASD:


FASDlane is for older teens and adults who have FASD


FASD Lane (For Adults With FASD)

FAS Community Resource Center