Spam Alert
(updated May 10, 2003)

If you have received unwanted email promoting the stock of Micro Laboratories, or are investigating other unwanted (spam) email messages with a return address of, please be informed that...

Some individuals who not want to be identified are sending spam email messages in mass mailings that cannot be traced in order to engage in sales schemes via the Internet. These people are illegally using false return email addresses composed of a fake name attached to the "" suffix. This illegal alteration of message headers gives receivers of the unwanted mail the impression that it was sent from this domain. It was not. The individuals sending investment sales messages are using an AOL mail program, but AOL is unwilling to investigate. The individuals using hotmail accounts to sell male enlargers cannot be traced, as the hotmail accounts are most likely fabricated as well. Even the IP addresses of the senders of the spam mails are false.

I am sorry that you have been a victim of a spammer. I have made a report to Spam Cop and to the Federal Government. Please be aware that I am searching for the origin of this spam so that I can identify the senders of the spam mail. If and when the individuals are found, be sure that I intend to prosecute.

As a parent of children with disabilities, and as a community volunteer who works long (unpaid) hours to provide information and support to families of children with disabilities, both locally and around the world, it is discouraging for me to have to also cope with this spam issue. Please be patient as I try to resolve this matter. Thank you.

Teresa, webmistress of the domain - Spam reporting for the masses

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