These are the messages sent to Butterfly Bonnie after the first awareness day in 1999, for having the courage to make the dream come true: the First International FAS Awareness Day Ever!

Name: Nutterfly Nancy
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Email: r-nmcdonald@nucleus.com

Message: Bonnie, Congratulations on the great success of the FIRST International FAS DAY with all of it's activities. We are a force now that cannot be ignored. Thank you for your leadership, your vision, your motivation and your inspiration. All of these butterflies inspire me and sustain me in my journey with FAS. My life will never be the same again. Love and hugz, Nancy (One from Randy too)
Name: Teresa Kellerman
From: Tucson, Arizona
Email: teresa at come-over.to

Message: Bonnie, you are truly an amazing woman. Everyone in their individual communities accomplished so much, and together we have made a giagantic splash in the media. We could not have done it without you and Brian there to feed us ideas and to urge us on with your seemingly endless energy. With your encouragement, we have done things I never thought possible. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you for believing in us. And thank you for being my friend. I love you!
Name: Jitterfly John Kellerman
From: Tucson, Arizona
Email: john at come-over.to

Message: Hey, Bonnie Bonnie and Brainy Brian! Thanks for helping my mom help me. Thanks for telling the world that pregnant mothers need to stay alcohol free! I still want to go to Canada and have Brian teach me how to use the chain saw on all those trees in your backyard.
Name: Sue Egert
From: Altamont Sp., Florida
Email: wishes3@excelonline.com

Message: Bonnie, you have brought so many people from different walks of life together to further the awareness of FAS. For this we will be enternally grateful to you. I"m proud to say I know you!
Name: Edith
From: Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada
Email: harold.woodward@sympatico.ca

Message: You have made history me dear friend. Things will never be the same again. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you and Brian have done. I am so glad we met got to know each other. You have moved mountains,and flew many miles with those butterfly wings. Jennifer sends her love and hugs and her thanks to you to. Congrats..my friend..Woodwards
Name: Jodee Kulp
From: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota USA
Email: jodee@connetworks.com

Message: I still have a dream even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow..(M.King)..freedom and emancipation will come to these children...May you be mightily blessed...let the spirit soar across this land....Thank you
Name: Vivien Lourens
From: Cape Town, South Africa
Email: plourens@mweb.co.za

Message: It was very exciting to be a part of this wonderful event. Thank you for all your hard work. Lets pray that a lot of unborn children will be saved from having FAS. Thank you from them.
Name: Brandon and Tasha Pilcher
From: Ketchikan, Alaska
Email: homeboy@ktn.net

Message: Beautiful Bonnie Butterfly, Thank you for being you!!!! Thank you for the bells, the knots, and for being true! Thank you for being you! Brandon and Tasha FAS/FAE
Name: Fran Valentine
From: Mandeville, La USA
Email: mitzie@neosoft.com

Message: Dear Bonnie, You have given me the courage & strength to reach out and help others by sharing my own story. You help me to believe yes, I am okay. Bonnie your one of the real people who really see the troubles fas has couse. You have lived with it threw your child. You really understand. Thank you for arranging interviews, writing letters late into the night. Thank you for your perseverance ( big word) to open the eyes, ears & minds of those who just don't get it. Fas/fae is for real. There are people that don't see the fas signs, so, they feel its just another excuse. Believe me its not, its real. I feel blessed to be a part of this group faithful loving friends. God be with you always. hugs, Fran
Name: Roseanne Terry
From: Rome, Italy
Email: r.terry@ifad.org

Message: Bonnie -- thank you so much for being the encourager and coordinator, the organizer and the cheerleader. I really believe that the work that you have done will blossom into a full fledged movement to combat FAS. I think there is so much talent and conviction just waiting for someone like you to set the spark, and the world will see us burn! My heartfelt thanks to you -- Roseanne
Name: Shiona Watson
From: Acton, Ontario
Email: ianw@stn.net

Message: Thanks for giving flight to FASday Bonnie!!I love my little boy the way he is, but oh, how much easier all our lives would be without FAS. When he emerges from his cocoon, he might not be the same kind of butterfly as the rest of us, but he'll still have wings to fly, won't he?
Name: Larry Camp
From: TX Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities-Austin, TX
Email: larry.camp@mhmr.state.tx.us

Message: Dear Bonnie: I've had the pleasure to talk with you only once, and to only begin what I forsee as a long relationship with you. I do look forward to meeting you soon. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and we're all your beneficiaries. Thanks! Larry Camp
Name: Diane Kerchner
From: Los Angeles County, Southern California, USA
Email: dkerchner@earthlink.net

Message: The beating of your wings has forced me from my cocoon, to beat my own wings to the beat of John Kellerman's drums. Thanks for motivating me to be the voice for our alcohol-affected children here! hugs, Beautiful Flutterby!
Name: Carol A
From: Roanoke, Virginia
Email: Quindolla@webtv.net

Message: God Bless you for all you have done for the children! Charlie, the firefighter wants to thank you for fighting for him and all the others with FAS. Thanks for helping the "other mommies" know not to drink when they are pregnant.
Name: Dayna B. Brown
From: Wichita,Kansas
Email: jdkjbrown@feist.com

Message: Thank you!! for all your time and effort to educate the world of the "lingering effects of alcohol"FAS/E. You are on remarkable woman, one day we hope to meet you in person. ((((HUGS))))) Dayna & Kayla(FAS)
Name: Barb
From: Southern CA
Email: kishasbarb@aol.com

Message: This is so beautiful - I am a butterfly person and my good friend Sue, who adopted me to be her Mom sent this to me. Thank you for sharinmg something so beautiful and spiritual.The music is beautiful too....
Name: June McCarthy
From: White Bear Lake/MN/USA
Email: jnjmccart@aol.com

Message: Thank you Bonnie for your inspiration, I don't feel like I have done anywhere as much as you have for 09/09/99. But, I sure have tried. I got teary-eyed when I read our state's proclamation. I am amazed at how supportive my co-workers have been. I work in a public health building and today a bulletin board for 09/09/99 went up. E-mails also were sent to all in the public health field. THANK YOU for your encouragement. June
Name: Peggy
From: Kansas, USA
Email: PSOBA@aol.com

Message: Thank you for all your great efforts on behalf of the world's children. Your drive and talent will go a long way way in making a difference in our world. Love, Peggy (And thank you, Teresa, for all your magnificent work on the internet...without you, so much less would have been accomplished!!)
Name: Judy Kay
From: Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
Email: judkay@sl.lakeheadu.ca

Message: Hey Bonnie, You think big Bonnie, very big, and I love it. It takes heart, miles and miles of heart. We all needed a reason to come together, a reason to celebrate, a reason to focus. Here's me doing my thing in Sioux Lookout, there's you doing your thing with the world. I am honoured to be a part of FASDAY. It's very healthy for us. Once again, Lamaste - this is where you and I connect in our hearts. Meegwetch - Thank you- Judy
Name: Pattyanne
From: florida
Email: Ennayttap@aol.com

Message: some people remain to themselves. others may touch one life or two. still others touch untold numbers and truly make a difference. because of you, many babies, many families will never know what we live everyday. bonnie, you can KNOW that your life has had impact! Thank you for your dedication, and hard work.
From: windsor
Email: wsmith@wincom.net

Message: Proof that one person with a good idea can do more than all the professional nay-sayers can imagine.
Name: Little Mike
From: Beautiful Port Richey, FL
Email: librizzi@gate.net

Message: Dear Miss Bonnie and Mr Brainy Brian: My Mommy told me about all the stuff you are doing to make the world a better place for all children. This little kid really appreciates your hard work!!! You are a good girl and Mr. Brian is a good guy. My mommy says people like you are special people and that we are lucky to have you in our lives. When I see you, I will give you a big hug. Maybe two, because you are so very very special.
Name: sue tolin
From: Royal Oak, Mi. USA
Email: quiet@flash.net

Message: (((((((((BONNIE)))))))))) Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our broken winged little ones and frazzled parents as we fight for our babies to reach their fullest potential...WHATEVER THAT MAY BE FOR EACH OF THEM....BECAUSE YOU CARED AND DARED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE...THANK YOU.
Name: Sutterfly Klene
From: Northern Virginia, USA
Email: Klene@erols.com

Message: Thanks so much! I am certain your effort has helped many baby butterflies not be born broken! It has given me a light to strive for.
Name: Sue Truax
From: Chamberlain South Dakota USA
Email: all8ofus@sd.cybernex.net

Message: The impact you started may be small this year. Think of what we all will accomplish with the whole year.I still wonder at the fact that the cosmos did not even shake a little bit when you and Teresa met for the first time.I feel honored to say I know you and consider you my friend.You are a blessing to all the children here and hopefully those who because of you will have a full set of wings. I can't wait till Oprah discovers you are the Angel she has been waiting for so long. Love you Lady. Brian you are one of the best supporting men I have ever heard of as my Grand Mother use to say " the crowns the Lord gives you two when you arrive in heaven will be full of Stars"
Name: Viki Miller
From: Six Nations, Ohsweken, Ontario Canada
Email: tea@execulink.com

Message: Dearest Bonnie; It wasn't until I joined FASLINK that I felt there was hope and love for our families special needs. Here at Six Nations we celebrated FASDAY Wed. from 6 - 8pm. I was asked to be the parent speaker. I had never spoken before. With the help of my Watio and Faslink, I overcame my fear of public speaking and was a success. We are that much closer to globel awareness, thanks to your great efforts and love. In friendship, Viki Miller
Name: Mary Green
From: Claypool, IN
Email: murphy@waveone.net

Message: Bonnie, Thank you so much. You shared a dream and allowed us to jump on board. We are all better people because of your dream and the world is changing, thanks to you.
Name: Nola Barry
From: Kelowna, BC Canada
Email: nbarry@home.com

Message: Bonnie, You have turned a 'what if' into "CAN DO"!! You inspire and awe me. Bringing together so many people from all over the world is an enormous accomplishment - and you did it with grace and style! Heartfelt gratitude to you. Hugs, Nola
Name: Claudie-Lou
From: Bastrop, Texas USA
Email: ckbarker@texas.net

Message: Bonnie, you did it! In one magic moment (did it seem like 19 years?) you changed the world. You changed my world, Anne Marie's, and you'll never know ALL of the other worlds you changed by the motion of your own wounded wings. Love,Peace and Joy, Claudia
Name: Trudy House
From: Hastings, NE
Email: thouse@inetnebr.com

Message: Bonnie, thank you!!!! You are my inspiration!!! You gave me courage and the desire to to do something. I can't wait till next year, I am rearing to go to educate all the mommies to be and the unborn little butterflies, so that their wings will not be broken!!! It was so great today to see Chad hand out the fasknots and tell them "don't drink that bad alcohol".. Thanks again!!!
Name: Bruce Ritchie
From: Sarnia Ontario Canada
Email: netstorm@acbr.com

Message: You have done an incredible job. You realy have proved that the oscillations of a butterfly's wings can set off storms around the world, not just in Texas. Hugs, Bruce
Name: Traci
From: Sacramento, Ca
Email: tracih@cwo.com

Message: Thanks for your dedication in making a dream a reality. You are an inspiration to everyone!
Name: Susan Carlson
From: Forest Lake, Minnesota USA
Email: susca@aol.com

Message: Bonnie, The first FAS International Day was a huge success! Congratulations and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One Magic Minute was a brilliant idea and the beginning of a new era in fetal alcohol awareness around the world. You have shown that one person can indeed make a difference. Get some well needed rest. You deserve it!
Name: Jodi
From: Wichita, Kansas
Email: djmcmanus@feist.com

Message: Bonnie you are a remarkable lady God will and has blessed you with such a warm and loving heart. I donot have one of these precious children but my friend Dayna does and i love Kayla very much. God Bless you and your wonderful family.
Name: Ann Gibson
From: Kiel,Germany
Email: AnnGibson1@compuserve.com

Message: Thanks sooooo much Bonnie for making an "Impossible" idea into reality. You´re ideas, suggestions and support kept us going when we first thought that nobody wanted to listen. So proud to belong to your "FASWORLD" !!!!!!!! You helped us all to FLY!! Love and Hugs!! Ann
Name: Marlo Schaar-Kaskoto
From: Texas
Email: mkaskoto@msn.com

Message: Dearest Bonnie, This seems to describe you and your approach to coordinating our incredible journey of hope, unity, generosity and diversity.
    "I take as my guide the hope of a saint:
    in crucial things, unity-
    in important things, diversity-
    in all things, generosity."
    From: Inaugural Address of President George Bush
In hope, we join in a world wide effort to end Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and to promote awareness and understanding for those already touched by FAS. In unity, we gain the strength to continue our day to day struggles with the effects of FAS. In diversity, we are able communicate the entire spectrum of effects caused by alcohol exposure before birth; and reach all people who are facing FAS today or are at risk for tomorrow. In generosity, we are able to share our joys, sorrows, accomplishments and failures so others can learn and grow. By doing so, every action creates a pathway to success. In one magic moment we HAVE changed the world! Thanks for all your hope. Marlo Schaar-Kaskoto
Name: Louise Morin
From: Quebec, Canada
Email: info@safer.qc.ca

Message: Merci Bonnie for your "crazy" idea : an international DAS Day! This has been a wonderful way to create an international task force. BRAVO! Thanks also to your "partner" Teresa, who generously shares with us her experience with media and her knowledge about FAS.
Name: Linda Brankley
From: Rosemount,Minnesota,USA
Email: lebrankley@earthlink.net

Message: Bonnie, Thank you so much for taking the iniative to open so many eyes about FAS/E. You have saved many lives already and many more to come. At 9:09 AM, I couldn't do anything else but hug my little guy with FAS this year, but hope to help get the word out for next year. GOD BLESS YOU!!! Linda
Name: Chris Rogan
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Email: fanz@ihug.co.nz

Message: The Kiwi is a flightless bird and New Zealand's national symbol. On FAS Day 9/9/99 Kiwis put on butterfly wings and flew! Thank you Bonnie for connecting the world. Thank you for having the vision to follow a dream. Thank you for the courage to act. Thank you for believing it could happen - and it did!
Name: Deb Hoyt
From: Runnells, IA,USA
Email: DH10172@aol.com

Message: Bonnie and Brian, I didn't get much done, but I am already starting on next year! Thanks for all you have done. It just shows what we can do when we join together!hope to see you in Michigan, I plan to be there.
Name: Ruth and Eric Miller
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Email: emiller@oise.utoronto.ca

Message: Bonnie and Brian, you have made a difference indeed, through your vision, creativity and drive.We are proud to be your friends!
Name: Mercedes Alejandro
From: Houston, Tx, USA
Email: mercedes@bcm.tmc.edu

Message: Bonnie, you have touched us all - around the world - and you've touched the babies yet to come. You have planted the seed for awareness, knowledge, and understanding and your tree will bear many fruits! Mil y muchas gracias and may God bless you. -- Mercedes
Name: Bill, Manon, Jesse Lee, Oceane
From: Quebec, Canada
Email: buxton@vax2.concordia.ca

Message: Bonnie, We are all proud of you for making such a difference in the world. Love, your little brother and family.
Name: Cynthia Reynolds (Johnson)
From: Detroit, MI USA
Email: cdoctordream@aol.com

Message: Thank you! I will participate(be a host)in the FASDAY. I am overwhelmed by all I have read and can relate to -- my son was born with this dreaded preventable disability. Thank you again.
Name: Brian Philcox
From: Toronto, ON, Canada
Email: coachbrian@sprint.ca

Message: You are the prime inspiration in my life, the creator of One Magic Minute and the main driver behind the first International FASDay. I'm so proud to call you my wife, my lover, my best friend -- I love you Bonnie Buxton.

(Thanks to Nutterfly Nancy McD for the nifty idea!)
Midi playing is "New Butterfly Dream"