FAS Awareness Day in Tucson
September 9, 2002

Please join us on Monday morning 9/9 for this annual event!
9:00 a.m. Bell Concordance
St. Augustine Cathedral North Courtyard
192 S. Stone Ave, Tucson

10:00-Noon Open House
FAS Community Resource Center
4710 E. 29th Street, Building 7, Tucson

Drums Bells - Stories Videos Demonstrations - Handouts - Prizes

Children are welcome. Media may be present.
Refreshments will be served. All events are free of charge.
For more information, call Teresa 520 - 296 - 9172 

All will gather in the north courtyard of the church of St. Augustine at 9:00 a.m. John will drum a soft heartbeat rhythm while we form a circle, symbolizing the circle of support that is needed for each individual with FASD to succeed in life.

Cathedral bells will ring out at 9:09 a.m. at the Church of St. Augustine, and announcements were read from the pulpit of many churches throughout Tucson proclaiming FAS Awareness Day, telling all of the importance of educating our community about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.

Pastor Angie from St. Paul's Methodist Church will offer her insight from her experience with students and others with FAS that she has met and worked with.

There will be sharing of stories and reading of the proclamation, the FASworld Fable, and the Rosie monologue.

At 10 a.m., families and advocates will gather for an Open House at the FAS Community Resource Center. People can take the FAS Teen Survey, the FAS Quiz, learn from demonstrations what it feels like to have FAS. Parents will view videos. Teens will listen to Mo'Angels. All families will be given a prize for attending.

Gabrielle Fimbres, our award-winning reporter, will write an article for the Tucson Citizen. Hopefully other media persons will respond to our press release.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Community Resource Center