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Top 10 Special Education Articles in 2006

#1. Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate and Attorney
by Pete Wright and Pam Wright (Note: This has been the #1 article every year
since 1998)

#2. SMART IEPs (Chapter 12 in From Emotions to Advocacy)

#3 Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 but Not Under IDEA?

#4. Functional Behavioral Assessments: What? Why? How? Who? by Stephen
Starin, Ph.D.

#5. IDEA 2004: Specific Learning Disabilities: Discrepancy v. Response to
Intervention Models

#6. Roadmap to IDEA 2004: What You Need to Know About IEPs & IEP

#7. How to Get Good IEP Goals and Objectives: A Tactics & Strategy Session
with Pete & Pam Wright

#8. A Parent's Guide to No Child Left Behind by Sue Heath

#9. Art of Writing Letters by Pam Wright

#10. 10 Tips: How to Use IDEA 2004 and NCLB to Improve Your Child's Special
Education Program by Wayne Steedman


Top 10 Special Education Topics in 2006

#1. Section 504 & Discrimination

#2. IDEA 2004

#3. No Child Left Behind

#4. Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

#5. Response to Intervention

#6. Behavior Problems and Discipline

#7. Autism, PDD, Asperger's Syndrome

#8. Special Education Caselaw


#10. Advocacy

Topics, from A-Z:



4. Top 10 Cases in 2006

#1.  Board of Ed. of Hendrick Hudson Central School Dist. v. Amy Rowley, 458
U.S. 176 (1982) - First decision in a special education case by the U. S.
Supreme Court; defined "free appropriate public education."

#2.  Honig v. Doe, 484 U.S. 305 (1988) - Decision by U. S. Supreme Court in
discipline case on behalf of emotionally disturbed children who had academic
and social problems.

# 3. JP v. School Bd of Hanover County VA (U. S. District Court, VA 2006) - 
Case on behalf of child with autism, ABA therapy, and reimbursement for a
private special education program; why public schools need to use objective
tests to measure a child's progress or regression, and why schools must
provide the services in children's IEPs.

# 4. Henrico County School Board v. R. T. (U. S. District Court, VA 2006) -
Tuition reimbursement case for young child with autism; comparison of
TEACCH and ABA; FAPE and least restrictive environment; deference to
decision of hearing officer; witness credibility; impact of low expectations
and "an insufficient focus on applying replicable research on proven methods
of teaching and learning."

# 5. Schaffer v. Weast, 546 U. S. __ (2005) - Supreme Court held that the
burden of proof in a due process hearing that challenges an IEP is placed upon
the party seeking relief.

# 6.  Zachary Deal v. Hamilton County TN Board of Ed (6th Cir. 2004) - Wide-
ranging decision about standard of review, additional evidence, judicial notice,
procedural & substantive IDEA violations, FAPE, educational benefit,
predetermination of placement, failure to include regular ed

# 7. Florence Co. Sch Dist Four v. Shannon Carter, 510 U.S. 7, (1993) - If the
public school does not provide a child with an appropriate education and the
child receives an appropriate education in a private placement selected by the
parents, the parents are entitled to be reimbursed for the child's special

# 8.  Reusch v. Fountain (MD) - One of the first cases about extended school
year services (ESY).

# 9.  Cedar Rapids v. Garret F, 526 U.S. 66 (1999) - Favorable decision from
Supreme Court on behalf of child who needed nursing services to attend

# 10. Burlington Sch. Committee v. Mass. Bd. of Ed., 471 U. S. 359 (1985) -
Decision from Supreme Court clarifies procedural safeguards, parental role in
educational decision-making, tuition reimbursement, child's placement during

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