With a Cry

With a Cry
“Christopher Surbey”

In my time of understanding, the thought can never be
that I see the blade that took the life of someone like me. 
My eyes close and then I see 
the hands reaching out of Christopher Surbey, 
the cry “I Don’t Want To Die” I hear so clear 
as this echos with so much fear. 
The streets so cold and the perpetrator so bold, 
takes Christopher Surbey’s life and his future now untold. 
Listen to the cries from Chris, 
don’t just put his death on another list. 
Keep Christopher Surbey’s memory alive with the rest of us, 
those who are born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders need special security 
for without this you see the result will always be 
just like our precious Christopher Surbey. 
Chris we never met, but my heart does mourn, 
I never had a chance laugh or share a moment or two out of the norm. 
Vince and Val, no words can express 
the emptiness since the passing of Chris. 
Please take hold of the thought that is 
your son Christopher Surbey left you with a kiss. 
We will keep Chris’s memory alive, 
and in his name other FASD’ers will survive

by Stephen Neafcy, June 10, 2005
Grieving the Loss of the Dream