Trying Differently Rather Than Harder
By Diane Malbin, MSW

This book is the second edition (2002) and is a sequel to the earlier publication, "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects: Strategies for Professionals."  It provides a readable, narrative discussion of the model for working effectively with children, adolescents and adults with FASD.  After a brief review of the diagnosis, the focus is on understanding behaviors differently - primary and secondary learning and behavioral characteristics.  One section explores the most common behavioral symptoms by providing case examples, interventions, and outcomes. The model for "Trying Differently Rather Than Harder" is illustrated by stories of how alternative interventions lead to less frustration.

There is a section of common questions with answers and discussion, for example, “How much alcohol does it take to cause FAS?” and “Every year we seem to get the latest ‘pop’ diagnosis, like a fad.  How do we know FASD isn’t just one more in a long line of hit topics?” or “I have other children in my class.  How can I do things differently for just one child?” and others.

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