Stop! You're Killing Me!

Top killers in our country?

Here are some figures from 1990 US census:

  • 720,000 deaths from heart disease
  • 505,000 deaths from cancer
  • 144,000 deaths from stroke
  • 92,000 deaths due to accidents
  • 87,000 deaths from emphysema
  • 80,000 deaths from pneumonia and influenza
  • 48,000 deaths from diabetes
  • 31,000 deaths from suicide
  • 26,000 deaths from chrnic liver disease and cirrhosis
  • 25,000 deaths from AIDS
  • But what are the CAUSES of these deaths? According to a study of the Journal of the American Medical Association:

  • 435,000 deaths from tobacco use
  • 100,000 deaths from alcohol use
  • 20,000 deaths from illegal drug use
  • In 1995, $12 BILLION of the federal budget that went to health and disability programs were for alcohol related disabilities. The real culprit in our nation is DENIAL.

    For 100 years, scientists have known that alcohol can cause several types of cancer. Recent animal research (2007) shows that the equivalent of one or two drinks a day can increase the growth of melanoma tumors. Read research report here.

    Half of all pregnancies are unplanned. Half of all women of childbearing age are drinking alcohol. Of women who might get pregnant, more than half are drinking alcohol. See NineZero.

    For more detailed information, read the articles "Alcohol Facts" and "It's Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, Stupid!".

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