Online FASD Presentations

Living It: Stories of Resilience with FASD - 17-minute video from Bluegrass Prevention Project

Birth Mom shares her personal experience Five-minute news report from New Zealand for FASD Awarenes Day 2009.

Parental Expectations with an Adult Child Impacted by FASD - 83-minute presentation by Mary Berube (Vandenbrink), MSW of Alberta on October 21, 2008

Personal Experience Living with an FASD - 72-minute presentation by Myles Himmelreich of Alberta on December 8th, 2008

NEW! America's Greatest Brain Drain - 27 minute news report and interview with Jody Allen Crowe, author of "The Fatal Link."

NEW! Presentation on FASD and Legal Issues Now Available Online Judge Anthony Wartnik of FASD Experts announces that their presentation on FASD in the Legal System is now available in PDF format at their web site Several other presentations by Wartnik and Dr. Paul Connor of the same group are also available online: Click here.

Picture This: Life as a Parent of Children with FASD - 20-minute video by mothers of Lioux Lookout, Ontario.

Voice of America Interview With Peter and Vivian Lorens. This is a four-minute video featuring Tisha's adoptive family in South Africa. Read the interview script here.

Sounds Like Canada CBC interview with parent and adult child with FASD (18 minutes)

The Listening Heart - 37 minute video about four families and their children with FASD

Ann Streissguth 1 hour presentation - scroll down to find "Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the Developing Fetus: Links to Developmental Disabilities"

2007 International Conference on FASD Includes presentations by Diane Malbin, Ed Riley, Sterling Clarren, Susan Astley, Christine Loock, Phil May, Ken Jones, and other FASD experts.

24 minute interview with Melinda Ohlemiller, MA - "Must watch" for anyone who provides care or services to families raising children with FASD.

FASD The Basics Slide Show from SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence

The World (public radio) interview with Vivien Lorens

Manitoba's "With Child Without Alcohol" PSAs

What Comprises FASD? - Online One Credit Course
(This is Dr. Luther Robinson's presentation from conference in Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Ted Rosales Interview on Canada Radio One Oct 4, 2004 (streaming ram)

Classroom Presentations 5-minutes or 50 minutes

Online FASD Video Training Six segments, 45 minutes each, by Carolyn Hartness and Julie Gelo

FAS Prevention Video

Slide Presentation by Dr. Ed Riley - View it! Download it! Use it!

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