Two days ago we signed onto the Internet support group mail list, and yesterday I wrote about my step-son, Jonathon, and asked some questions. I received an overwelming response, PLUS found a new friend in my area who also as a child with FAS/E.

When my husband came home from work, I was really excited and told him of the fantastic breakthoughs that I had made. He read all your emails sent to us. For being a contractor, he had tears rolling down his cheek. Your advice and support hit a sensitive nerve in him. His response was, "We aren't the only ones!"

We sat our 11-year-old, very special Jonathon down and told him what it was that he has. His response was amazing. He said, "Dad, I knew I was special, I was just waiting for you to figure it out." We hugged and kissed him. Which for us was highly unusual. He doesn't like to be touched too much. But he sensed that it was important to us.

Nights like last night make me wonder what really goes on in his mind. Some days I just want to cry thinking how he has to struggle because his brain doesn't work right from the alcohol. Then Jonathon seems to make me feel that he is what he is and that things will be okay. We are on a long journey, but the support that we have now means so much. Thank you all for what you have done so far and what is still to come.

Everyone is in our prayers and hearts.

Scott and Jeri

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