More Screams


Okay, I feel better now.

If you are familiar with my web page and with my philosophy of successful intervention for FAS/FAE, then you have read about my SCREAMS model of intervention strategies: Well, I am just so frustrated that these intervention strategies seem to be so difficult for people to put into place! I'm not talking about the parents, who for the most part, once they understand the nature of the disability, are willing to take the steps necessary to help their children achieve the success that might be possible. I'm talking about the parents and professionals who hear the explanation, but who are unwilling to do what is needed to make sure the safeguards are in place to protect the child from the risk inherent in FAS disorders. I am so frustrated that I just need to scream. You too? Okay, altogether now, this time you can join in:


Now doesn't that feel better? As a further expression of my frustration, I have compiled a new list of SCREAMS, this one to reflect all the obstacles that just make me want to, you know, scream! I'm sure you will be able to relate to at least some of these:

Now go and check out the links in this article. And when you are done, those screams will surely have changed to smiles! And when you need to scream, remember that you probably have a good reason. And when you feel angry, instead of screaming at your children, or anyone else, channel that anger into action, and start patching up some of those cracks. And when the going gets tough, remember that we are here for you with a shoulder to cry on and to let out a few whooping screams together.

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