We Love You Still

you came to us as a little boy, just over two years old; 
blond, curly hair, huge blue eyes and a big smile.  
And we loved you immediately.

You started school and it did not go well, 
as they did not seem to understand you.
And we loved you still.

Constable Edward Finney school appeared 
and while you were there, 
aside from some problems 
you grew and learned and flourished.
And we loved you still.

You started the next level, middle school, 
but once again they didn’t understand you.  
You became a “problem” to them.
But we loved you still.

Five years ago we realized that in order to help you 
we would have to share you with others 
that could open doors closed to us.  
We would have to part.  

And because we loved you still, 
you went to care, a new school, a new beginning.  
Marymound agreed to have you as their student 
and you flourished. 
You grew stronger and were happy.
And we loved you still.

A new high school loomed ahead and you started fairly well, 
but you soon decided it wasn’t for you, 
so you slowly withdrew.
And we loved you still.

TRY programs, Benders Muffler, Dan's Landscaping; 
all good efforts by wonderful and caring people, 
but your staying power waned and you left them one by one.
And we loved you still.

Independent Living was begun with its own problems and restrictions.
And we loved you still.

On June 6, 2005 you left us suddenly.
On June 8, 2005 we said goodbye.
And we love you still.

Today we all say goodbye and we share our love of you.
You are safe in the arms of our dear Lord who loves you always.
And we love you still.

by Vince Surbey, June 11, 2005

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