Sometimes the biggest reason to abstain

from alcohol is a little one


101 reasons to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy




two eyes

one nose

two ears

ten  toes



ten fingers

one sweet mouth

two arms for hugging

two  strong  legs  to  run

two feet to walk on in the sun

one  spine straight and  strong

two  hands to hold all day  long



20 baby teeth for a beautiful smile

32  permanent  teeth  after  a while

one  heart  to beat steady & strong

two  lungs  to sing  a nursery song

one  good  liver, healthy as a horse,

two first words “Mama & Dada” said

over  and  over  and over, of course.



2  frontal  lobes  for  impulse  control

1  corpus  callosum  to  process  it all

2 healthy parents to care for this child

1 precious little spirit so tender & mild

1 first   step   towards   independence,

as we nurture, protect, guide and love

this wee precious gift sent from above.



Drinking in pregnancy may cause birth defects, brain damage

© 2004 Teresa Kellerman & Cathy St. Peter,





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