Lies and More Lies

(Annie's Solution to Children's Lies)

You have to get through about lying in sneaky ways. Buy a box of Cornflakes and a box of Lucky Charms. Ask him which one he wants for breakfast. If he says Lucky Charms, you pour him a big old bowl of Cornflakes and say, "Oh Brian, I am sorry but you know the way you have a hard time with saying what is really true, I just thought you meant you really wanted Cornflakes." I do this with everything - ice cream, going places, etc. My son John is also a high IQ FAS kid and this worked on him very well. He didn't know weather to laugh or cry. Just remember to follow through, don't let them have the Lucky Charms. Take them to the movie you want to see not the one they choose.

Any time you have a problem with dishonesty do this little thing for a few days. I have never found anything to work as well. And okay, I will admit it - I love doing it to the stinkers. I am a wicked mommy. hehehe. Hang in there - It will get better.

My son took my wallet so he could get the money out to buy me extra Christmas presents. He threw my ID and credit cards and everything away cause he didn't need those. Thank God it was still where he put it. That week he didn't even get a glass of water if he asked for it. I poured milk. Boy was I enjoying teaching him that particular lesson.


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