Hush Little Baby With FAS

© 2004 Teresa Kellerman

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Hush Little Baby With FAS

All this crying gives Mama stress

And if that stress gets really bad

Mama’s gonna find you a brand new dad

And if that new dad doesn’t stick around

Mama’s gonna find you a nice playground

And if those kids won’t let you play

Mama’s gonna take you down the alley way

And if that alley way has drugs

Mama’s gonna make friends with some thugs

And if those thugs give me a drink

Mama’s gonna not be able to think

And if your Mama cannot think straight

Mama’s gonna make a big mistake

And if that goes against the law

Mama’s gonna hide out with your Pa

And if your Pa hurts one of us

Mama’s gonna take us to a halfway house

And when that halfway house time is up

Mama will still not be grown up

And if Mama can’t grow up very well

Our lives will be hard as hell

And if Mama can’t cope with the stress

Someone’s gonna call up CPS

And if they take you away from me

Mama’s gonna feel so sad and lonely

But Mama won’t be alone for long

There’s a new little baby and the same sad song



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