My Thanksgiving Gratitude List
One Million Things For Which I am Grateful Today

by Teresa Kellerman

1 wacky pound pooch who thinks she is my baby – and she’s right!

2 terrific parents who are always there for me with love and understanding.

3 thriving adult children who will always be precious little kids to me.

4 FASD web sites that keep me happily busy every day.

5 fantastic best friends who share their minds, hearts, and shoulders with me.

6 special residential staff who help keep my two “kids” happy and safe.

7 support group parents who uplift with laughter and comfort with hugs.

8 awesome band members who make joyful noises with me.

9 nutty siblings who make me laugh and cry and scream and sigh and smile.

10 totally fulfilling years of volunteer work with the FAS Community Resource Center.

25 thick pounds that I lost and never want back, because I love my new body.

50 funny FASD families who contribute to mail lists and Fasaholics Anonymous.

100+ wonderful children and adults with FASD who have personally shared their fears and frustrations, their hopes and their dreams with me so that I could better understand how they cope with their disability so I could share it all with you so we can all learn how to best support their efforts to survive life in a hostile culture that glorifies the use and abuse of alcohol while at the same time refusing to help those whose lives are most devastated by alcohol’s destruction.

998,565 people who visited my FASD web sites in the past year, all looking for information to help them understand FASD.

One more thing I’m grateful for – YOU – for your being right there, right now, alive and well enough to sit at your computer, and prosperous enough to access this online, and with the luxury of time to read all these links. Wow! 

Now go make your own gratitude list. And have a Safe and Sober Holiday!


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