My Favorite Crayon
by Nanette, February 9, 2003

I got upset with Sheena this weekend and I thought to myself, "Not the brightest crayon in the box today, are you Sheena?"

The fact that I even thought that way, really disturbs me. But what is even more disturbing, is how true it really is. Sheena is not always that brightest crayon in the box.

After thinking it all the way through, I realized, regardless of how "bright" she is. She is by far my "favorite" color. If in fact I did open a box of crayons and there was one with Sheena's name on it, it would be the first and only crayon I would ever want to use.

And, regardless of how "bright" a crayon is, if it is not properly cared for it will break, go dull and lose it wrapping. Has anyone ever noticed how your Childs favorite color crayon is never broken? Or when it is, there's tears shed because it can't be fixed?

"But, Mommmmmy - it was my f-f-favoriiite! craaaaaaayon!"

When Sheena breaks I cry too. But going out and buying a new Sheena is not an option. So I put her back in the box, broken or not where's she safe and no one can step on her, let her become dull or tear little pieces of her away.

And, she hates me for it, everyday.

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