What about Dads?

How does a man's drinking affect his offspring?

1) Alcohol lowers a man's testosterone levels.

2) Heavy alcohol consumption during adolescence may permanently alter the DNA in a man's sperm.

3) Alcohol use at the time of conception inhibits normal sexual performance.

4) Alcohol use at the time of conception decreases the mobility of healthy sperm, increasing the risk of birth defects.

5) Babies born to alcoholic parents have an 80% risk of inheriting the tendency to become alcoholics.

6) Children born to fathers who consume large amounts of alcohol are at greater risk for problems in life such as learning disabilities, behavior problems, and mental health issues.

7) Children born to alcoholic fathers may inherit a genetic tendency to become alcoholic themselves.

8) Pregnant women are more likely to drink if their male partners drink.

9) Children of alcoholic fathers are at higher risk of being victims of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual).

10) Children of alcoholic fathers are at higher risk of being victims or witnesses of domestic violence.

Here is an abstract about the risk factors involved in fathers' drinking which include behavioral problems, impaired intellectual skills, hormonal imbalances, and nervous system anomalies: IS FATHERS' DRINKING A RISK FACTOR?
You will find a government research report here: PATERNAL CONTRIBUTION TO BIRTH DEFECTS
A well-written article: Dads and Birth Defects: The Inside Story
Here's an article from Alaska Health and Human Services: Men Have Babies Too
Perhaps the pregnant mother should not be the only target for alcohol awareness. Here is an enlightening paper (well documented) from this perspective: Alcohol, the Fetus and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: An education misdirected?
NEW LINK: Dads and Alcohol - a possible link between alcohol affects and paternal exposure to alcohol before conception.

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Last update: August 29, 2003