My Son Needs an External Brain


My son still hates God for letting him come here with "brain damage" to a place that didn't want him.  He makes decisions for himself based on a very childish, unrealistic view of the world, tutored by every horrible thing he can get his hands on.  My son is truly "hell bent."  Determined to go as low as he can. 


He will not take instruction of any sort because his pride interprets that as an insult.  He doesn't "get" instruction anyway because he can't reason and he doesn't hear correctly.  He trusts anyone who is being nice to him this minute and doesn't trust me.  He is totally paranoid.  He is afraid all the time and makes every decision based on "who's got [his] back.  He walks into every new situation and picks out the "baddest dude" there and "sucks up" to him in hopes that that guy will keep him safe. 


My son is a chameleon.  It is like he has no personality of his own.  He absorbs the personality of those around him.  I can always tell when he's under the influence of crazy people because then he is crazy. 


He needs a loving, trustworthy external brain to help him navigate this life until such time as he has the desire to seek the pure intelligence Heaven offers.  He is "blind" now and needs a "seeing eye dog" to keep him safe. 




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