"Cheers! Here's to the Baby"
by Linda Belle La Fever
A birth mother's discovery of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, has been published and is being released at the FAS Interventions conference in Tacoma. Back Cover: Linda laFever is the birth mother of Danny, who was the first March of Dimes poster child to represent the birth defect, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Linda and Dan have participated in numerous scientific research studies on the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This book reveals the struggles and heartbreaks of a loving single mother who unknowingly made a terrible mistake that forever altered the potential of her youngest son. Danny, now a young adult, was diagnosed when her was five years old. After Linda's recovery from the intial shock of her son's diagnosis, she devoted her life to providing for Danny and advocating for appropriate services for his unique needs. In doing so, she discovered that it was necessary to educate Danny's teachers and other service providers about his birth defect. She was courageous enough to do this, even though his disability was the direct result of her alcohol consumption during pregnancy. In the formal seminars she subsequently developed, she interprets and identifies the specific needs and perspectives of the birth families to foster and adoptive parents and professionals and to service providers. Because Linda's heart is tender, she is a beloved presenter on these issues and is open to comforting and encouraging other birth mothers of children with FAS and related conditions.

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