Whitehorse Yukon 2002 FAS Conference
and Whitecrow Village Summer Camp

The following notes, articles, and speeches are from the FAS Conference that took place in Whitehorse in May 2002 or from the Family Camp at Whitecrow Village in the summer of 2002. Conference notes of the presentation and and speeches were graciously transcribed by Anne Russel from Australia. Use of information taken from Dr. Clarren's talk should be properly credited to him, as this is the result of his life's work.

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Whitehorse Conference Notes by David Gerry
Whitehorse Conference Address by Senator Christensen
Whitehorse Conference Address by Dr. Sandra Clarren
Whitehorse Conference Keynote Address by Dr. Sterling Clarren
Whitehorse Conference Presentation by Jan Lutke
Whitecrow Village Camp Notes by Judy Nelson
Whitecrow Village Camp Article by Grace Gerry
Birth Moms and FAS Q&A based on Dr. Clarren's Speech

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