A FASD'ers Thanks on Thanksgiving


Sometimes when all is calm and still

a voice within me whispers all is well.

Although my life started incomplete,

my brain compromised, life still brings

a sunrise.


I Thank You God for my vision of

hope, I  Thank You God for your

wisdom in guiding me through life.


My friends thank you for your support,

without this I would not find God's

will. Through every page of life

you give me such wise advice.


My Family thank you for hanging in

there with me and understanding my

inabilities and always caring for me.

Angel in Flight you paved the path

and reached out and guided me to

understanding. Thank You


My Soul Mate Barb thank you for your 24

hour a day devotion you give me.

Your Love shines through and lifts the clouds

within me and a beautiful rainbow develops

although not as stunning as you I find a

peace within me whenever we touch.


We when silent can always find Thanksgiving

everyday not just Thanksgiving day.


Written 11-27-2003

Author : Stephen James Neafcy


Grieving the Loss of the Dream