At Home Stress Relief Ideas



Start a new hobby or renew an old interest. You can make gifts for family members or for charity groups, or something for you.

      Quilting or embroidery

      Knitting or crochet




Adopt a small animal that is just yours. Research and get one that suits your personal needs and that does not require too much time or energy.

      Dog or cat from the pound

      Fish tank

      Ferret or Hamster or Snake



      Step exercise while watching TV

      Walk around the house while chatting on the phone


Read a good book. Try a different genre or a new author just for fun.

      Mystery novels, Romance novels, Science fiction



      Make up your own ending to your real-life adventure novel

      Pretend you are a secret agent entrusted to protect your child

      Imagine who would star in a movie about your family or your life


Gratitude List

      For every problem you have, think of a blessing hidden inside the problem

      Go through the alphabet and think of 26 things to be grateful for today, from A to Z



      CD with headphones

      Play an instrument


Communicate with someone who understands

      Make a phone call, lock yourself in the bathroom or go outside

      Write an email or read messages on a list for FASD families

      Read stories written by other parents on


Puzzles and Games

      Video games or computer games

      Jigsaw puzzles

      Crossword puzzles



      Laugh at yourself

      Find the humor in the situation



      Comedies are best

      VCR tape your favorite TV shows

      Rent a movie


Baking. Something chocolate is best.

      Cookies, fudge, or brownies

      Something that Mom used to make


Calgon Treatment. Pamper yourself.

      Warm bubble bath with a book

      Hot shower with shower massage


Do Absolutely Nothing

      Drain your brain of any worries and daydream

      Meditate or pray

      Close your eyes for 5 minutes and think of only physical sensations

      Breath in and out deeply and slowly

      Conjure up a favorite memory from your past and relive it

      Slowly nibble on a chocolate bar as is melts in your mouth one bite at a time


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