Lookie here! Are you ready for a new year? 
If you survived 2005, then you are ready for a great 2006.
The past year has been fraught with problems and crises for most of us.  They threaten to recur, and we can try to be pro-active in preventing some of the serious problems when we are able.  Here are my five suggested Resolutions to help make this a really good year for you.  Repeat after me...
I resolve to:
1. Educate myself
Get Bonnie's book "Damaged Angels."  If you have not read it yet, go and get it now and you will find the best book ever on FASD, one you will really relate to and learn a lot from.  Bonnie is a wonderful writer, and you will enjoy it, I promise you.  Good price too!  www.damagedangels.com  And there's always something new to learn at Teresa's web site: http://come-over.to/FASCRC/ (See "What's New" top left)
2. Educate my child
Print out the ABCs of FASD: http://fasteen.com/ABCFASD.htm Sit down with your child and read it and discuss it and answer any questions truthfully.  Too many parents have learned everything about FASD but failed to help their child understand their disability, with disastrous results.  If you want to help your child succeed (safe, healthy, happy), then they need to accept the reality of their disability.  How to talk to your child about FASD: http://come-over.to/FAS/HowToTalkFASD.htm  FAS*FRI has some really cute booklets for the younger child. Email vicky@fetalalcoholsyndrome.org for order info.
3. Educate others
Do something to raise awareness on one day (Sept. 9th) or everyday (because every day is FASD awareness day).  Tell one person or a hundred or a thousand.  Meet with your legislators.  Write a letter to the editor.  Call a reporter and let him/her interview your family for a local interest story ("My child has a serious disability and we can't get services").  The system will only change when you give those policymakers a reason to change it.  Introduce them to your child.  Start with a few basic brochures: http://come-over.to/FAS/brochures/ Or buy them a copy of Bonnie's book. www.damagedangels.com
4.  Support other parents
Join a local support group and attend the meetings.  If you don't have one, I'll help you start one: http://come-over.to/FAS/SupportGroup.htm  Participate on the mail lists.  (Always offer encouragement, keep your criticisms to yourself, address personal issues with the moderator.)  I will be here for you.  Will you be here for me?  Together we can get through the tough times.  Together we can celebrate the little successes. 
5.  Take care of myself 
Are you eating right and getting enough exercise?  How much sleep do you get each night?  Do you laugh every day?  Go to Fasaholics Anonymous for a few chuckles.  http://www.come-over.to/FasaholicsAnonymous/  You need to take care of yourself first, because no one else is going to advocate for your child like you can.  You need to stay well and stick around for a long time.  Here's my FASD Survival Plan to help you stay healthy: http://come-over.to/FAS/StayingAlive.htm 
There you go.  I hope these help you and your child.  If you are an adult with FASD, then you can skip the even ones and just do 1, 3, and 5, okay?  
I wish you all peace, health, security, and happiness in 2006.
Teresa Kellerman
Fasstar Enterprises
PS - Did you like my little 2006 logo with the eyeballs?  They will be watching to see if you carry out your resolutions!  LOL

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