FAS News Stories from Canada

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Series in Ottawa Citizen August 2006 NEW!
   #1 Tragic Hangover: Toll on Family
   #2 "My Kids Have Been to Hell and Back
   #3 Most Canadians Unaware of FASD Effects

A Different Kind of Young Offender

"Just Don't Drink"

Robbed in the Womb

In Whose Best Interest? by Margaret Wente

Woman Overcomes FAS

Teen Found Dead After AWOL

A Lifetime of Grief

Young Aboriginials

Drinking any alcohol during pregnancy is risky

Searching for a tragic link

School of Hope Teaching kids with FAS

Urgent Need

Winnipeg Free Press:
    #1 The Price of A Drink
    #2 Christopher and Ryan
    #3 New Kind of Teaching

Sitting Ducks for Assault

A Fetal Alcohol Crisis

Promise of Hope

Saskatchewan News:
   #1 Fetal alcohol syndrome priority for fed's money
   #2 FAS criminals deserve special treatment
   #3 Appeal court looking at FAS criminal cases

Ottawa Sun FAS Series "When Mommy Drinks"

FAS and Juvenile Justice "Almost half of young offenders suffer from FAS/E"
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