Alcohol Advertising on NBC

Excerpts from a statement made by the Center for Science in the Public Interest:

After dropping its 50-year voluntary ban on broadcast advertising in 1996, the liquor industry has greatly expanded its ad presence on cable and independent broadcast stations and has intensified pressure to get liquor ads on network television.

Numerous public health and safety groups (including the American Medical Association, Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, American Academy of Pediatrics) have deplored NBC’s abandonment of its voluntary ban on hard-liquor advertising and recognize the need to protect young people from a new deluge of ads that glamorize drinking and promote the consumption of hard liquor.

My email message to John Ruby, who is the program manager of Tucson's local NBC television station (VKOA), requesting information on their response to NBC's decision to run ads for hard liquor:
I understand that NBC has decided to show hard liquor ads. I also understand that some local NBC stations have chosen to block the ads. I don't know what KVOA's policy is about this, but I would like to know. I have not seen an ad for hard liquor on KVOA yet, but the first time I see one, that will be the last time I watch KVOA, and I will be free with expressing my opinion to everyone I know.

Teresa Kellerman
[address, phone]

John Ruby's response:
We have run them previously and if NBC does indeed carry them so will we.
John Ruby
Here is the article that motivated me to write. I obviously have some educating to do at my local station. How about you?

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