Little Angel Fly

You値l never see the spring flowers in the sunshine,
Will never learn how it is to laugh with those who love you.
You will never sense the tepid wind, that softly blows through your hair.
And never feel the magic of your smile on faces of those that you love.

You値l never lie in my arms, soft and warmly, sweet-smelling and smooth.
Never take the first steps in your life, or speak your first words.
You値l never learn how it is to be comforted, because you値l never fall.
You値l never injure yourself, will never cry. 

But you値l also never live to see on earth
Anything, neither the first training day, 
Nor the Day at which you see a butterfly for the first time, or a bird.
You値l never perceive the light of the world, 

For your mother is to young and doesn稚 know what she is doing. 
She herself became poisoned in the womb through alcohol.
Your mother cannot realize what it means to carry responsibility. 
It is more important for her to know which colours she should paint a bird.  

Little angel fly, fly to the stars, to the light. 
Take all our entire Love and Forgiveness with you 
For those who let you not live in this world.
Many hearts are crying around you, but your mother cannot.

Forgive her, Little Angel, Forgive her, 
So that she can forgive herself, if she ever understands what she did.
Little angel fly, fly to the stars, to the light.
My thoughts are with you and accompany you.  

By Sigrid April 19, 2002
Grieving the Loss of the Dream