John Grows Up
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Pictures of John Kellerman from 1977-2007

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John was diagnosed at birth with full FAS

John at 10 weeks of age: strong startle reflex

John at 3 months of age: classic facial features

John at age 6 months: eating with great difficulty

John at age 2 years: after open heart surgery for ASD repair

John at age 4: conquering his fears

John at age 5 years: pixie face

John at age 6: Bagpiper wannabe

John at age 8: trying to eat lunch

John at age 12: with orthodontic braces

John at age 14: still in braces

John at age 16: looks like a little kid

John at age 19: looking more mature

John at age 21: graduation from high school

John at age 23: with well-developed sense of humor

John at age 24: with girlfriend Sheena
Story and Photos of John and Sheena's Special Relationship
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NEW! Senior Prom

John with his sister Karie at Christmas 2005

John at Mt Lemmon, summer of 2006

John with brother (Chris) and mother (Teresa) at recent benefit

John's Self Portrait
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Community Resource Center