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Itís the Holiday Season.
Many of us may be attending parties to celebrate.
If you are pregnant or you know someone who is pregnant, that will be attending,
their unborn baby will be attending the party also.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
occur when a pregnant woman consumes alcohol.
The disabilities of fetal alcohol exposure last a life time, the babyís.
There is no cure for the many birth defects caused by alcohol.

These defects can include, Brain Damage, Mental Retardation,
Learning Disabilities, Heart, Lung and Kidney defects, Facial
Deformities, Growth Defects, Hyperactivity, 
Poor Coordination, Behavioral Problems.

of alcohol during pregnancy!

While only the motherís alcohol consumption can harm the unborn
baby, her partner, family and friendís can be a
wonderful support for her by not drinking as well.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are 100 % preventable.
Protect your baby and yourself.
If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant

If you need help or would like more information
Please contact:
Double ARC @ 419-479-3060, ext. 5, or,

Print this Flyer:  HolidayWarning.pdf

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