Executive Functions

Executive functions of
the prefrontal cortex:
  • inhibition
  • planning
  • time perception
  • internal ordering
  • working memory
  • self-monitoring
  • verbal self-regulation
  • motor control
  • regulation of emotion
  • motivation
Effects of alcohol exposure
on executive functions:
  • socially inappropriate behavior, as if inebriated
  • inability to apply consequences from past actions
  • difficulty with abstract concepts or time and money
  • like files out of order, difficulty processing information
  • storing and/or retrieving information
  • needs frequent cues, requires “policing” by others
  • needs to talk to self out loud, needs feedback
  • fine motor skills more affected than gross motor
  • moody “roller coaster” emotions, exagerated
  • may demonstrate lack of remorse, need external motivators
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