FASD Teen Adult Retreat

Brainerd, Minnesota
August 3-6, 2007


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Lake Sylvan Camp Confidence Lodge Brainerd Moon
Lake Sylvan Camp Confidence Lodge Brainerd Moon


Official MOFAS Camp Confidence 2007 Website: FASD Teen Adult Retreat


Camp Confidence in Brainerd, MN: www.campconfidence.com


Location Map for Camp Confidence: www.campconfidence.com/loc.html


Expected temperature for August: Hi 80, Low 55

"It may be humid - and watch out for those big mosquitoes!"

Brainerd Web Cam: http://www.johndee.com/webcam/brainerd_ncn.htm


Distance from Brainerd Lakes Airport (BRD): 15 mi (25 minute drive)

Distance from MSP Airport: 155 mi (almost 3 hour drive)

Watch out for deer on the road!

Shuttle Service from MSP airport to Brainerd:



For teens and adults with diagnosed or suspected FASD from age 15 to 55


Each retreat member/camper must have a support person/collegue. 


Cost is $175 per person - Cost per diad is $350.00


Registration Information Coming Soon!


Many thanks to camp organizers

Jodee and Liz Kulp and the Minnesota crew at MOFAS,
Dave, Cathy, Joe, Jason Callaway, Lois Bickford, Heidi Schere


For more information, email Jodee Kulp jodee@connetworks. com

Visit these sites:

FAS Community Resource Center www.come-over.to/FASCRC

MOFAS www.mofas.org

FASD Lane www.fasdlane.com

FASteen www.fasteen.com


Olderfas Mail List http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Olderfas/

(for parents and caregivers of older teens and young adults only)