ADHD in Alcohol Exposed Children

ADHD Found to be a Secondary Disability Associated with FAS/FAE
Fetal Alcohol Exposure and Attention: Moving Beyond ADHD by Claire Coles
Medications for ADHD
Meds for Teens with ADHD
Alcohol Use Increases Risk of ADHD in Offspring
Psychotropic meds for Children and Adolescents
Stimulant Therapy Lowers Risk of Substance Abuse

ADHD and FAS Article from F.A.S. Times by Jocie DeVries
Behavior Issues Related to FASD and ADHD
Article about Alcohol and Pregnancy by Penny Stern, MD
Cognitive neuroscience takes on alcohol
Cradle to Grave ADHD may be undiagnosed FASD
Guidelines for Diagnosing ADHD
ADHD in the DSM-IV
Mountain Dew May Help Children With FASD/ADHD
Advocating for the Student with FASD/ADHD
Internvetion Strategies for FASD/ADHD
Help for Homeschooling the Child with ADHD
Advice for Teachers
Helping the Child With FASD/ADHD to Learn
Tips for Teachers of Students Having FASD/ADHD
How To Help Your Child Sleep Better
Parenting the Child with FASD/ADHD
Case Study of Teen with FASD and ADHD
Rogue SunflowersStorie of Two Girls by Bonnie Buxton
Silent Epidemic by Reporter Margaret Philp
Living with FAS and ADHD
Nutritional Interventions for Children with FASD/ADHD

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